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Hikes and Cycletracks

Links for hiking and mountainbiking:

hikeplanner (only in Slovak) (only in Slovak) (also in English) (in English)

On you can plan your own mountainbiketrack in English. In this region there are 850 km of well marked tracks available, these are the C-tracks. If you don`t need marked trails, and fully trust/drive on a GPX-file, you can also plan your own track on On both pages you can download the final track as GPX file to your mobile phone.

The following tracks are for HIKING (or short mountainbike tour) directly from the farm/campsite (further down multitracks hike/mountainbike and a few cycling tracks for streetbikes in the surroundings)

By clicking on the picture you can download the GPX-file, trackname and length of each track you can find in the black rectangle:

Multitracks from campsite. All day hike or small mountainbike-tour:

Various nice tracks in the surroundings:

Cycling (streetbike) :


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