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foto camping / uitzicht oranje route

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1. Orange Hike - Geocaching

5,5 km; elevation 270m, marked white-orange

Wonderful varied hike through forests and meadows, with great view on the valley of Rohozná and the farm/campsite.

The same track is also used as a geocache trail with 15 caches. 

2. Salaš Zbojská

This restaurant is built according to the ancient Slovak tradition of using whole tree trunks. On the menu are origional Slovak dishes, while service is in traditional costume with folk music playing. The restaurant has its own sheepfarm for the production of meat and cheeses. You are invited to visit the cheese production kitchen up on the hill.


We can highly recommend the dish: Spezialita SUROVCA!

zbojska wandeling dubbel 2.jpg

The options: A full day’s walking (take our map of Fabola hola with you!), a fantastic walk through the gorge, or just relax for a few hours in this beauty spot, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or a cool beer. At certain times a local mini bus runs to a small traditional farm, situated in the (protected) nature accross the main road. Spend a few hours there or go for a walk (starting and returning at the farm), after which you can take the mini bus back to the restaurant.


The start of the walk “Jakub Surovec’s Journey” through the gorge is on the other side of the main road. You will see a large wooden statue in the meadow and behind it you will spot two information signs. Follow the route ‘diagonal green’, which is about 2.5 to 3 hours. Where the gorge becomes increasingly narrow, just continue by using the rocks as stepping stones through the water! The walk really leads THROUGH the gorge! A great walk for when the weather is hot: it will cool you down beautifully!

6. Blue Hike

11.5 km; 3-4 hours, partially marked

First part uphill over the mountain crest with stunning view over the valley of Rohozná, second part through the valley with small farms and meadows. Slovak countryfeeling ...

10. Red Hike

5,5 km, elevation 270m, marked white-red

This hike leads through dark forests and open meadows to the next Village, Michalová. At the point where you enter the forest you can search for edible mushrooms... 

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